Shows - Confessions

Episode 8

In this concluding episode, Craig has come to many realisations not least of which is that aces are larger than life and sometimes even greater than mountains but what he has chosen to pursue now is very intriguing.

Episode 7

A Chinese proverb forewarns that if you must play, then decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes and the quitting time. Today we are introduced to Craig, who has many regrets and his time has been consumed by his obsession that became a double life.

Episode 6

Pearls of wisdom from a real ‘Queen' in this final episode of Labelz’ story. In this emotionally charged finale can Elijah’s story of love, heartbreak and second chance lead to acceptance?

Episode 5

Stilettoes, feathers, and diamante dresses but all that glitters is not sequins as we get to hear about Elijah's world of drag with its obvious glam and at times always on the verge chaos.

Episode 4

Meet Elijah, a young man from a township in South Africa who's self discovery led him down a dangerous, exotic and intriguing path. His journey surprised many around him but most of all, it surprised him.

Episode 3

There is much to be said about broken dreams, shattered souls, and even hidden secrets. This is the third and last part of Charlene’s story that has a surprising ending. We are lifted into a space of new beginnings as she lets us in on where she is at now and what her future aspirations are.

Episode 2

Charlene takes us full force into the world of swinging. We find out how she got there as well as her experiences there and we also further get drawn into her complex double life as she comes to grasp with her reality and tries to balance living in the past and present

Episode 1

Meet Charlene a woman who grew up in a complex home and was exposed to personal war stories at a young age, she goes on to have a fairytale wedding and a husband who harbours many secrets. This episode we meet this infectious character and get some background on her alluring yet dark life

Thobi Mkhwanazi

A household name in the South African TV industry having been in front of the camera from a very young age. This acclaimed actress and tv show host breaks out of her comfort zone as the producer and host of our flagship podcast series.